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Trent Gill

"The Rangers’ Stadium Was Arlington’s Crown Jewel — Now the Team Wants a New One?" | The Ringer

I have a lot of random curiousities that I normally don't write or talk about very much. I'd like to use this space to share topics I'm fascinated by even if they don't always fit the narrative I've created about myself online.

One of those strange interests is the funding of professional sports arenas. Claire McNear of the Ringer shares a story about the Texas Rangers that will strike a chord with anyone who is baffled by billion-dollar teams asking for taxpayers to pay for their stadiums: 

The Texas Rangers are in the process of trying to convince taxpayers to help finance a new stadium in Arlington. With a price tag of nearly $1 billion, it would replace the team's current home of just 22 years, and offer, among other things, shelter from the hot Texas sun with a retractable roof. Gosh, things must be really bad at Globe Life Park. It must be some dump cobbled together at the last minute, the way so many neoclassical parks constructed in the early 90s are. Maybe they just didn’t build it right!

"To think you could build a new ballpark that has the character that this park does, that reflects the history and tradition not only of the region but of the game, is remarkable." —Bud Selig, 1994

Ah ... hm. Maybe not.